Basic Knowledge Of SEO Tools

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Basic Knowledge Of SEO Tools

02/09/2021 12:00 AM


Basic Knowledge Of SEO Tools


There are a wide variety of SEO tools, such as those that can select keywords and analyze sites, and those that can analyze competing sites. Many people may be in trouble because they don't know which tools to use and how to use them. Therefore, simplyseotools will introduce SEO tools (free & paid) that we recommend for your website to rank higher in search engines.

In this article, simplyseotools first we will introduce the analysis function of SEO tools, and then introduce the recommended SEO tools by their function. You can scroll from the function introduction column to the introduction column of each recommended tool, so you can always just check desired SEO tool.

Introducing the functions of SEO tools

SEO tools have various functions such as tools that can diagnose SEO effects and tools that can analyze keywords. In order to determine the SEO tool you need for your site, first let's know what kind of analysis function the SEO countermeasure tool has. The main analysis methods required for SEO measures are as follows.

ü SEO search ranking check

ü Keyword analysis

ü Competitive site analysis

ü Heat map tool (user trend analysis)

ü Backlink check function

ü Link break check function

ü Copy rate check

ü SEO writing / rewriting function

SEO search ranking check

Ability to check content ranking on search engines. Most of the free search ranking check tools only show the current search ranking when you focus on the URL you want to check.

On the other hand, the paid search ranking check tool automatically acquires the daily search ranking in addition to the current search ranking check function. Not only does it reduce the time it takes to check the search ranking, but it also makes it easier to devise countermeasures because you can judge changes in ranking at a glance.

If the number of contents is small at the time of site launch and you want to keep costs down as much as possible, you can use a free tool, but if you want to take SEO measures in earnest, we recommend a paid ranking check tool.

However, in order to create high-quality content that is effective against SEO, simplyseotools recommend a tool that not only acquires related keywords, but also investigates their importance and the relationships between keywords. You don't know how to use those keywords just by getting the related keywords.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is a function that allows you to investigate the number of keyword search volumes and obtain related keywords. Keyword analysis makes it easy to understand user needs. It is a useful tool when selecting countermeasure keywords and creating SEO content.

With the free keyword analysis tool, you can use each analysis function independently, such as acquiring related keywords and checking the number of search volumes.

Competitive site analysis tool

It is a function that allows you to check what keywords are used by competing sites to get the highest search ranking, and what kind of sites are linked from.

In addition to the quality of content, various factors such as the number of contents, the number of backlinks, and domain power have a complex effect on the ranking of SEO measures. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and compare the countermeasure keywords and inflow keywords of competing sites and take countermeasures against the shortcomings of the company's site.

Competitive site analysis tools are basically paid. Some tools are available for free trials, but most have limited functionality.

Heat map tool

It is a function that allows you to visually check how much you read, where you clicked, etc. when the user entered the page. If the number of inflows to the site increases, consider introducing it.

User trends also affect SEO search rankings. If a user leaves the page without reading it, Google may determine that the page "doesn't meet the user's needs" and adversely affect SEO search rankings.

Therefore, use the heat map tool to check and improve user trends.

Backlink check function

The backlink check function is a tool that allows you to check from which page each page or domain is linked.

Backlinks are still one of the key factors in ranking. Compare the number of backlinks and the quality of links with competing sites, and take measures against any shortages.

Link break check function

The broken link check function is a tool that allows you to check all disabled links on a page at once. Clicking on a broken link button or anchor text will

display “404 File not Found” and will adversely affect the user experience (UX).

As a result, it may have a negative effect on the search ranking, so it is recommended to check it regularly with a tool.

Copy rate check function

This function allows you to check the copy rate of the created content. If it is rated as copy content, you may be penalized by Google to lower your SEO search ranking. Before uploading the content, we recommend that you always check it with a tool.

You can check the copy rate with a free tool. However, since the number of characters is limited, it may take some time to check in multiple times.

SEO Writing / Rewrite Tool

It is a tool that can be used when creating new SEO content and rewriting SEO content. In addition to the search ranking check and copy rate check introduced so far, it will tell you the keywords to be used in the content and where to improve from the viewpoint of SEO measures.

In addition, it measures the SEO score of the content, so it is a recommended SEO tool for those who do not understand how to write SEO content or who wrote the content but the search ranking does not rise.

It is a paid SEO tool limited to corporations, but you can try it with a free trial.



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