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02/10/2021 12:00 AM
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Search Ranking Check Tools


As it may surprise you, there are plenty of individuals who do not know what kind of tool is efficient to use to grasp the search ranking of the company's site and the change in the search ranking.

It takes a lot of time to find your site in the Google search results screen by entering your own search keywords each time.

Therefore, if you want to take continuous SEO measures, it is essential to use the search ranking check tool .

In this article, I will rationalize the features of various search ranking check tools as a way to check the search ranking of your site.

Three tools to check the search ranking of your site

You can also check the search ranking of your site by entering the search keyword in Google yourself and searching for your site from the search result screen.

However, if you want to know the search ranking of multiple keywords, it takes a lot of time and is not realistic. To make the search ranking check more efficient, it is convenient to use the following tools.

  • Google Search Console
  • Search ranking checker
  • Google Analysis

From here, we will introduce the features and functions of each tool in detail.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google, and you can check the following items on the search performance screen.

  • Average ranking of keywords
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Average CTR

If your site is a keyword that is displayed even once in the search results, even if it is not clicked, the data will be in the form of "1 impression, 0 clicks, 0% average CTR, 130 average position" You can see.

Since it is a tool provided by Google, it is characteristic that you can know the average CTR.

Also, since it runs on the browser, there is no need to install an application.

Search ranking checker

Google, Yahoo, Bing !! For Google, Yahoo, Bing, you can get the ranking up to 100th of the target URL when you search with the entered keyword.

You can also measure the ranking on your smartphone. You can check the search ranking up to 5 keywords at a time.

Since it runs on a browser, it can be used free of charge regardless of the OS.

SEO check

SEO Check is overwhelmingly popular among free search ranking check tools. In addition to the search ranking, you can also check factors such as the SEO countermeasure status check on the site and the number of frequent keywords.

On the other hand, it may not be suitable for those who want to implement SEO measures while benchmarking competing sites because the search ranking cannot be checked at the same time for the URL of the competing site and the URL of the company's site.

4 tools to check search engine rankings in bulk on a regular basis

When taking SEO measures, it is necessary not only to check the search ranking once, but also to observe changes in the search ranking on a regular basis.

This is an absolutely necessary task to determine whether the SEO measures that have been taken so far to change the search ranking over a long period of time are effective.

The following tools are recommended to be used when checking search ranking on a regular basis

  • GRC
  • RankTracker
  • Serposcope
  • Gyro-n seo (Gyro SEO)

Simplyseotools will introduce each tool in detail.


With GRC, the tool works lightly even if you register thousands of search keywords. This is a big advantage when compared with other companies' tools.

With GRC, you can check the search ranking of all registered keywords with the touch of a button.

In addition, you can automatically check the search ranking on the specified day and time, so you can save yourself the trouble of manually pressing the button each time .

Since all past search ranking data can be recorded, it is possible to analyze the trend of changes in the search ranking of a website retroactively.

In addition, since you can add a memo to the search ranking data, you can check when the web page was modified and what kind of SEO measures were taken on the ranking change graph.


Rank Tracker is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. RankTracker can automate search engine ranking checks. Report output can also be performed automatically.

RankTracker is able to suggest related keywords and perform competitive analysis, so you can know which keywords you should aim for on your website.

RankTracker is also compatible with search engines around the world and is multilingual.


Serposcope is a free tool that allows you to check your Google search rankings.

It is a type of tool that is used by setting up a server in the local environment, and can be used in Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.

Since the ranking change of the entire website is displayed in an easy-to-understand graph, it is easy to notice abnormalities such as whether your site has been penalized or Google's algorithm has been updated.

Gyro-n seo (Gyro SEO)

Gyro-n seo is a search ranking check tool that runs on the Google Chrome browser. It can be used in Windows and Mac environments.

Gyro-n seo can automatically measure the search ranking of registered keywords (compatible with Google, Google smartphone search, Yahoo!) every day.

You can check the changes in the daily search ranking with a mini graph.

In this mini-graph, you can see not only the change from the previous day, but also the ranking change in the last few days and the trend of whether the ranking is on the uptrend or downtrend.

Therefore, it can give you an idea on which words to focus on.


There are free and paid search check tools, each with different functions. If you want to know the search ranking of a specific search keyword only once, a free tool is enough, but if you want to continuously observe or record the ranking of multiple search keywords, GRC introduced this time etc. We recommend the paid check tool.

The paid search ranking check tool not only checks the search ranking, but also has various functions that can be used for SEO measures.

Depending on the situation of your website, please not only check the search ranking by using the function of the search ranking check tool introduced this time, but also use it for SEO measures.

If you are looking to try out some free tools check out simply seo tools.



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